Weigh In Wednesday

What a long, irritating week. I had family events, movies to go to, and a birthday to attend. Doesn't sound too horrible, right?

You'd be totally wrong. As someone who is big, hungry and trying to lose weight, this week sucked. I had to contend with birthday cake, nachos and cheese, candy, Rainbow Nerds, pizza, chicken wings and buttery popcorn. And I ate every single one of them. Sometimes twice. Sometimes twice with extra cheese. I was hungry, crampy, tired, cranky and hungry some more. Thanks to mother nature and her impeccable timing, I also had food cravings you wouldn't believe. I cried, begged my husband to go get me chocolate, stomped, yelled and generally acted like an uncontrollable child.

I finally got ahold of myself yesterday, weighed myself this morning and counted up my minutes I exercised. So here are my stats -

I went from 214.00 to 212.6, so that's a loss of  1.4 pounds, I think. (math is not my area of expertise). I also went to the gym, and exercised about 380 minutes this week.

I wasn't too happy. I mean 1.4 pounds? Are you kidding? I just started this thing, and I should be dropping weight. Going from zero exercise to 380 minutes a week??? What is wrong with me?

But then I had an epiphany. I lost 1.4 pounds, while eating nachos with cheese and extra cheese (twice) and pizza. That in itself is no small miracle. In my book, that's the most weight loss I've ever had. I ate normally and lost weight! I must still be doing something right.

Now, I'm not going to continue down that road. I'm back to my regular eating habits, veggies, no cheese, no fat. Being careful. I plan on working harder. I'm not giving up.

But I'm still proud of me.


Anonymous said...

1.4 lbs and 380 minutes of exercise are very nice stats indeed, well done! And all whilst eating cheesy nachos-yum!

Just think of the weight that's gonna come off this week when there are no nachos/ pizza/ birthday cake winking at you!

You're doing great.

The Monkey and Me said...

1.4 lbs is fantastic! Remember real sustainable weight loss is 1 lbs a week. This is real life - we're not on The Biggest Loser. I think that's awesome. For you to have lost while dealing with challenges and giving in to all those treats proves you have made some changes - you didn't eat them the way you used to - you made choices - and you kicked ass!!

Results Not Typical Girl said...

be proud of yourself no matter how much you move or what you stuff in that piehole. it starts with you. hugs, kirsten

AmandaLP said...

Isnt the scale funny? You can do everything right, and it will not do anything, and you can do everything wrong, and the scale still does what it wants! :)

You did Great with exercise! Keep it up! And, sometimes, your body just wants to know that you have more calories available since you are burning so much more. Your hunger changes as your body and exercise do.

Arcticmal said...

A loss of 1.4lbs is great!! Keep up the great work... I had somewhat of a similar week... I ate not the best.. kept up the exercise... I stayed the same.. but I look at it like this, if I wouldn't have exercised I definitely would have gained.
I would definitely be proud!!! A pound is a pound and it is gone!! WOOHOO!!!!!

Smasher Girl said...

hahhaaha!!! no kidding! coming from the girl that GAINED 2 lb this are rocking it.

Aisha_B said...

I think 1.4lbs while navigating the land of birthday party madness is awesome! It just shows that exercise pays off. Once you're back to normal, healty eating habits and exercise, i'm sure you'll see consistent progress. Also, LOVE the cartoon about nachos, Too funny!

Lisa said...

I too love the cartoon, very cute.

You are right that is a huge loss considering you ate all that yummy, not good for you, food.

You rocked the exercise and it showed with a loss. Keep that up.

Now when you go back to eating all your good for you food, you are going to shock the heck out of that scale next week. You go girl!

Lori said...

You bet you should be proud of yourself. Late comment, but I just read the post. I am proud of you too. Very!