1 Year And 5 Pounds - But Not In That Order

What a day. A good day.

Yesterday I had my son's 9th birthday party.  I love parties. I love the fun. the planning, the cake. Especially the cake. Interesting development though - I put a average size piece of cake on my plate, along with an average size scoop of ice cream. I got about halfway through and realized I couldn't finish it! Not because I had gorged myself earlier, or that I was full, I couldn't finish it because it was too sweet! All that sugar, bleh. My taste buds have been rearranged and I am so happy about that. I stuck to some diet soda and had wheat pasta with very little sauce for dinner. I was so proud of myself.

Cake is evil.
I joined the Healthy You Challenge a few days back. I think I may have mentioned it. I was browsing through their blog (site?) and was looking at the buttons. You know, the buttons that a lot of people have in their sidebars - from different challenges or organizations. The ones that say "I lost *insert number here* pounds"? I have been so jealous happy for people when I see them. Then I was looking at HYC and found this beauty:

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The lovely thing is - I have the right to post that!! I have lost 8 pounds since starting this whole thing, and I am taking that button and putting it on this blog, and I am proud of that. I may have joined HYC after the fact, but only by a margin of about 2 weeks, so I'm claiming the right to post that. Hopefully in a few days that will read 10 pounds gone. I have essentially lost the poundage of a newborn baby. That's kinda cool.

Today is my first year anniversay!! I have been married for exactly one year today - and I am really excited. We're going out tonight - Friendly's (many honeymoon memories there) and then going to see Robin Hood. I am now going to go to Friendly's website and map out what I can eat. I refuse to let eating out destroy everything I have worked for.

So, there's my weekend in a nutshell. Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you tomorrow!


karen said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
I'm really looking forward to seeing Robin Hood ... once it hits pay-per-view, itunes or dvd. Yeah. We don't get out much. (We'll probably go see Toy Story 3 next month but that's about it!)

karen said...

Oh ... and I LOVE your Confush*t widget!!! If you ever feel like pimping it out I would gladly put it on my blog, too ;)

SG said...

happy hAPPy HAAAPPPPPY anniversary!!!!!! one year? still in the honeymoon phase! hope you have a great time! (let me know what you thought of robin hood)

Flabby McGee said...

Lol, yeah it's a treat for us too! We're saving for a family vacation later this summer. But first year is first year and we gotta do something!

Aylilth said...

Aww happy anniversary, hope you had a great time!!!

Lindsay said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! I hope your day was great :)

fatty blogsticks said...

i love that newborn baby poundage comparison. yay, a whole person!

happy anniversary!

Cindy said...

my tastes have changed too - used to be when we went out I would order something I would never make at home - basically fried crap. and then I would feel like fried crap afterwords.

yesterday at lunch teenage daughter and I split a veggie sandwich with fruit - nothing else on the menu looked good, which was crazy! I had 3 fries from my bf's plate.

crazy crazy crazy.

Happy Fun Pants said...

WAY TO GO! :) Both on the 5 pounds and on the anniversary. I can't wait until I get to type those words. :)

Also? I heart your name. :)