Ok, here it is.

Wait a minute, I gotta psych myself up for this. (inhale, exhale) Let's do this.

My pics. My very first, holy crap how did I get so fat, pictures of my self. I'm doing this for My Long Hot Active Summer Challenge, from here on out known as LHAS, because I'm not typing all that every time I weight in.

I'm procrastinating.

Here's my front,

My side, 

And my scale pic.

Yeah, I messed with that one a little, because my feet are so ugly. U.L.G.Y. (and I ain't got no alibi..)

So, this is the pinnacle of braveness for me. My husband was taking these, and I was making jokes about being fat - and my son pipes up "you're not fat mommy!". He's 9, I wish the world saw me through his eyes!

And there you have it, me in all my natural glory - minus Spanx and gut suckers of any kind. Hopefully by the end of this summer I'll see a real difference.


The_Exquisite_Christine said...

My (now) 10 year old used to tell me I was NOT fat (her eyes would tear up in shock) and say that I was just a good pillow! Then she'd squeeze me tight. I love kids.

Here's to a great summer, you are gonna kick butt!!!

Thanks for joining us. ♥

Araymp said...

hey welcome to the LHAS Challenge this is going to be a fun summer remember stay active and enjoy the fun

Smasher Girl said...

you. are. brave. i have this fear of "before" pictures....

i cant wait for the "after" pics!

Erin said...

Gotta love kids! I'm happy you joined LHA, here's to how great we'll look in august! :)

Aylilth said...

Awwww our kids are the greatest eah.

Welcome to the challenge and wish you the best of luck.!!!

Deb said...

Welcome to the LHAS challenge. You are gonna rock it. You can find some of your fellow LHAS folks on twitter at #LHAS.

Gotta ask though, where is your RSS feed link? I want to put you on my roll but can't find the link.

Aisha_B said...

You're awesome! I hyperventilated before posting by before pics too! If we don't have before pictures to look at, we won't be able to really appreciate how far we've come in our "after" pictures. Here's to one great LHAS!