In Her Eyes

Hrmm.  Seth over at Fit With A Purpose asked a cool question.

What's your favorite part of your body?

Wow. I get so hung up on what's wrong with my body, that I don't often take the time out to find what I do like. I used to - but that was when i was 100 pounds lighter. Memories...

Anyway, I thought I'd answer the question and throw it up here. (I think that's a total of 3 posts in one day....I must be bored...) And post it with a pic.

So, my favorite part of me is my eyes. I'd say it was my face, but my face has a lot of chins right now - so I narrowed it down to the eyes. I love them, the color, the shape. I just do. My mom used to call me her alien baby because my eyes had flecks of gold in them. Just a bit of info, and a just reassuring myself that I still have something going for me. (<---sarcasm, please don't think I need major therapy just from making that comment.)

Well, there ya go. Thanks for the question, and thanks for a reason to compliment myself.  I needed it.


Seth said...

I'm glad you posted this! It's easy to put ourselves down and without a doubt - we end up feeling down.

When we appreciate ourselves, we believe in ourselves.

Smasher Girl said...

you're not kidding. you're eyes are AMAZZZZZING. really.

Crystal Roberts said...

You have really beautiful eyes, and I like mine too, haha

Anonymous said...

You have beautiful eyes!
I love the new blog look! Very pretty!