Eating and Autopilot

Ok. This eating right thing is way harder than I thought. Way harder. Way. Harder.

I woke up today hungry (as usual) and went to the kitchen. I reached for my usual breakfast of 4 eggs (with cheese) and 4 pieces of toast (with butter). I had them out of the fridge and ready to crack before my brain screamed "What are you doing?????" at me. I immediately halted, returned eggs to the fridge and went for the Honey Nut Cheerios. Generic, of course - but who's looking? I walked over to the cupboard and went to get my tub of butter sized bowl that I use for soup, ice cream and cereal. In fact, I think it may have been a tub of butter once, but now I use it so I can have 3 helpings of anything all at once. Without having to get back up off the couch to go and get the 2nd and 3rd helping. The bowl wasn't there, and I was on autopilot looking for it - before I realized that 3 bowls of anything was about as bad as 4 eggs. I thought I was being healthy - but it turns out I wasn't even thinking. At all. Period. I finally got myself a real bowl (not a mini mixing bowl) of cereal, and sat down to eat, read, network and blog.

Yep. There it is, my "cereal" bowl.
What truly bothers me is the amount of food that must be making its way to my mouth before I realize it. I can sit down and scarf a whole tray of Oreos before I've even consciously thought about it. I can't do that with Little Debbie snacks - but only because I have to open each individual snack. I go to McD's and order 3 double cheeseburgers, and don't consider what I'm eating until I get halfway home. How do I keep track of my food, when I subconsciously eat? Sure, I caught myself today - but how do I always remain on guard? Grr.

Well, aside from my food difficulties, I have decided that I need to workout at home as well as at the gym. I want to achieve a total of 25 workouts a month - hence the ticker at the top of the page. I don't think I'm going to lose much weight unless I'm more active at home. I actually went to the gym and discovered I had gained a pound. Gained?!?!?! My friend C insists that it's all muscle. I'm going to believe that for now.

So, in short - 25 workouts, eat right. Ok. I can do this.


Anonymous said...

How do I keep track of my food, when I subconsciously eat?
I wish I had a good answer to that but I don't.

I think that you will have to start removing yourself from tempting situations and that means keeping bad food out of the house and avoiding fast food joints, at least for a while.

The last time I went to McDonald's was a week ago, and it was so hard not to get something fattening, I got the Fruit and Walnut salad instead.
And because I know that I'm not as in control as I would like to be, I'm avoiding those types of places for now.

Also, what about separating snacks into snack size baggies? That way you're not eating out of the package and losing track of how much you're eating.

And also, don't eat in front of the TV or the computer. I can't count how many times I ate in front of the computer and then looked down and said 'What happened to my burger!?' lol

I hope these suggestions help you.

Have a great night!
You can do this!

Flabby McGee said...

Yeah my food evaporates when I'm in front of the TV. :)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Slowing down and eating mindfully is one of the biggest hurdles on this journey. I was always reading while I absent-mindedly ate, and would keep eating until there was nothing left. Now I plan out my meals and make each one more of an event.

The first few weeks can be absolutely brutal, but it def gets better as you see (and feel) the ball rolling. Get a few good weigh-ins under your belt and you'll find yourself yearning for more and more.

And keep exercising. For me, that's the key that makes everything work.

And stay outta that drive-thru lane at Mickey D's...