Tips For Losing Weight: The 3 W's.

Throughout my weightloss journey (or lack thereof) I have found a few useful tips and tricks. You've probably heard of most of them, but I don't care. Read 'em again. It amuses me.

The 3 W's

1. Walking.

If you walk, you will lose weight. If you already walk, walk some more. Then walk again. And you will lose weight. If you're having trouble understanding this portion of today's weight loss tip, let me simplify for you. Walk. Just walk. Get off the couch and walk.

2. Water.

 Water is such a useful weight loss tip. You can either drink it, or swim in it, or drink it while swimming in it. Just don't drink the water you've been swimming in and you'll be fine.

3. Whining.

I love to whine. I whine about the fact that I'm fat, I whine about exercise, I whine about food. I whine about having to eat food, I whine about not getting to eat food. I love to whine. Please do not confuse this portion of today's weight loss tip with the word 'wine'. Although if you drink a lot of wine you will whine even more then usual. Then when you're done whining (or wining) you get up off the couch and proceed directly to tip number one.

(These weight loss tips are brought directly to you courtesy of Flabby McGee. Flabby is not responsible for your stupidity if you choose to drink pool water, or drink too much wine.)


J said...

HAHA I whine quite a bit!

The Orange Kitteh said...

I am new to your Blog! I love it! I do believe the only way to get through weight loss is humor, sarcasm....and WHINING!!! I WIN at whining! :) Looking forward to going back and reading your past posts! Thank you for the laugh this morning!!!

The Black Kitteh said...

OMG. This made me LOL! You are a witteh kitteh!