Christmas Dress Challenge

Oh my. Oh yes.

I am starting another challenge. The last one I started - well, I didn't really start it. Most challenges are just "let's lose weight" challenges, so I really liked the different-ness of this one. (No, I cannot come up with a better word then 'different-ness' right now.)

It is the Christmas Dress Challenge. Simply put - fit yourself into your favorite Christmas dress. By Christmas. If you want the rules, click the link or the button - it's all very well explained.

So, I don't really do dresses. The last one I wore was my wedding dress, 2 years ago. I'm just too short and stout right now - like the little teapot. But I do skirts. I have a cute little number to try and squeeze myself into by Christmas.

The top looks like this:

Lacy and Racy. Oh La La!

And the skirt like this:

Pencil skirt with pleats. Woo woo!

Please ignore the gap in the chair cushion.

My goal is basically to get back in these clothes. It's part of the wardrobe I bought for my honeymoon. I have to go from a size 26-28 to 22-24. Which means I'm going to have to kick my own butt. Although I'm not to sure about the sizes, because they vary so much when you get this big. So my specific goal is to lose 40 pounds, by stepping up the exercise from nothin' to 3 times a week. This also includes the lesser goal of learning to eat right on a budget. 

I have to do this in three months. Starting tomorrow. Yikes.


E. Jane said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. So glad I found yours through the Christmas dress challenge. We can do this!! I'll be following you through the challenge and beyond!

Fatoutofskinny said...

We can do this......together! Love the outfit.....very chique.

My Kid's Mom said...

Yes we can do this! I think being a part of this group will help us all keep focused.

Thursday's Child said...

Yaay, I love the look of that skirt!

Lazy Girl said...

That top is so pretty! You are going to succeed! Looking forward to reading your journey :)

Bluezy said...

nice looking outfit! good luck in the challenge!

Michele said...

Yep, I am in this one with you, too. Thanks for stopping y. I will be following your progress! Exercise and tracking calories has been my mainstay in this journey to better health. Let the games begin!

Kat said...

Good luck with the challenge! 40 pounds in three months is ambitious, but achievable!

Rochelle said...

LOVE that top! I have something similar in my closet (it also doesn't fit) Oh well - we can do this! I look forward to tackling this challenge with you and everyone else! Should be fun!

Rosie said...

What a nice looking outfit !!! Good luck on the challenge, we can root each other on !

I'm Jackie... said...

Wishing you the best with the challenge. Like you, I'm short and stout and very much like a teapot, so now I have a new image to keep me motivated. I'd rather look like a sleek, slender, lovely rose vase. Your post made me laugh. Good luck with your 40 pound weight loss goal! Jackie