Chocolate And Me

All I want is chocolate. It's all I can think about. I'm like.....a chocolate zombie. Instead of "braaaiiinns..." I'm moaning "Chocolaaatttte..."

It's sad.

Even my cupboard contents are out to mock me. Every time I open the doors I see this:

And this:

And finally, this:

It's horrible for me. It makes me think about candy bars. 

Despite the temptation though, I have not had one morsel of yummy, delicious, irresistable...

Oh, what was I saying? that's right, no chocolate. I've been a good girl. I almost broke last night - but I remained strong, and had a fruit grain bar thingy instead. 

Told ya I could do this.


Jane said...

You look beautiful anyway. The cover photo of you in trousers with Veronica Lake hair is gorgeous.

And when you want chocolate, a sodding bar of grainy fruity stuff is not the same.

AngryPorkchop said...

It's the same way in my home. We have to be fully stocked with junk food or the kids would starve. This post just made me really hungry...

bbubblyb said...

I say throw that crap out. The hubby and the son don't need it and you shouldn't have to live with such temptation in the house. I've learned over the years on this journey that if the hubby or kids (or even me at times of weakness) can carry their butt out to the store for a serving of something and not bring it in the house. I hope the cravings ease up on you.

Thanks for your comment tonight I appreciate the input.

Jan Mader said...

I wish it was just chocolate for's anything sweet. Great post!

Flabby McGee said...

Lol@ made me hungry too! And @ bbubblyb - I did miniminze the amount of junk food in my house. We had a lot of flooding in my area, and that left our whole tri-city area with only 2 stores to shop at, and they are expensive. Being broke, the in-laws got us a bunch of food...and snacks. I'm letting the kid and hubby have their moment, then we go back to the whole - graham crackers are what we snack on now thing. the swiss rolls are too hard to resist!