How Many Of You....

1. Log into your blog/email/facebook accounts 35 times a day just to see if you have comments?
(I do. It's sad, pathetic and a little stalker-ish. I'm literally stalking myself. Creepy.)

2. Actually say "LOL" or "WTF" in conversations?

3. Have bought Spanx, loved them, hated them, thrown them away, and promptly ran out and spent 60 dollars on yet another pair?

4. How many of you have done #3 twice in one week?

5. Secretly wish you were a ninja assassin?

6. Eat fudge brownie mix straight out of the bowl?

7. Have had enough mix left to actually make the brownies?


8. Weigh yourself after you go to the bathroom?
 (I mean, hey - 3 ounces of pee is still 3 ounces. I can put it under the
"weight lost" category in my mental tally book.)     

9. Have actually picked all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms?

10. Cry while watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy?

11. Think that walking to the fridge and back counts as exercise?

12. Photoshopped pictures of your face onto someone else's body just to "see" what it would be like to be skinny?

See? I'd be an awesome Tomb Raider.

13. Want to take a walk outside, stand at the door and then go sit on the couch, because - let's face it, whales don't walk?

14. Have a love/hate relationship with America's Next Top Model?

15. Realize that everyone in your family is skinny - Except for you?

If you have said yes to 5 or more of the above - congratulations, you are a Flabby McGee too. 

Just go with it.


My Kid's Mom said...

Sadly, I am definitely a Flabby McGee. 1-2-3-6-8-11-12-13-14-and 15!

Alison said...

Yep, I'm a Flabby McGee too! I'm totally guilty of 1,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12,and 15!

karen said...

I'm definitely Flabby! LOVE it!

Thursday's Child said...

Ha! I qualify!

You're not a whale, walk walk walk!

Anna said...

Yes to only 5?! I'm a Flabby McGee two times over then! :)

Thanks for the comment love yesterday. I appreciate it!

AngryPorkchop said...

Funny list; I'm guilty of many of these myself.

I did, however, have to Google Spanx. I guess their not as common for men so I didn't make the connection. I was actually thinking of a hairless cat but it didn't seem to fit the context.

Zuzi said...

Oh my, n°8. I feel so stupid when I catch myself doing that but hey, all that water has to come out somewhere...