Back Again

So, looking back at my blog - I apparently fell off the face of the earth. I don't know why I do that, just disappear for months on end. I guess my only excuse is lack of inspiration. I always feel like every thing I write should be witty and intelligent, and I don't always feel witty or intelligent. But I digress.

I woke up this morning at 5am, and after snarfing 4 scrambled eggs and 4 pieces of toast, I found a list of successful weight loss blogs on yahoo. I paused for a moment and thought "Holy Crap. I used to have a weight loss blog. Wonder what happened to it? Is it still there, do people still love me?" Lo and behold here I am, with a flash of inspiration to boot. Whoda thunkit.

Where am I at? Well, I'm not at the gym, cuz I'm all Flabby McGee again with a whopping 319 pounds. I make myself sad. But I have decided to stop whining and moaning about it all and suck it up. I may mess up over and over (and over and over) but I'm gonna pick myself back up one more time and work on the whole getting healthy thing.

Well, here I am. Trying. Again. And in typical Flabby fashion, we'll just have to see how this all works out. Resetting the weight counter, and getting off my duff now. See ya later.


Toni said...

u can do it - took me years to achieve my weight - still need 30 pounds off but not pushing it. the first thing u need to do is shrink the stomach - sure ur hungry 24/7 for a while but it does work - then use smaller plates - not as much food fits on it - and don't go for seconds. it takes a lot of willpower - keeping urself occupied with your hands helps a lot too - pick up crocheting or cross-stitch or something like that. just never give up - try try and try again - i have faith in u!!!

Happy Fun Pants said...

Persistance means more than just about anything else, I believe.

You can do this. And you will. :)

I believe in you! :)