Smoke And Mirrors

In case you haven't noticed, I hath completed my bloggy makeover. You like?

Anyhoo - I was browsing my Yahoo news stories and came across a most excellent article. It's about a lady who has sworn off mirrors for a year. Yes, you heard me right. No mirrors for one year.

Let me link her and her blog real quick like. The blog is called Mirror, Mirror....OFF The Wall, and her name is Kjerstin Gruys. Here is the Yahoo article I read.

Now before you double you tee eff me about all this, hear me out.

I love to go out with my friends. I love to go on dates with my husband. I spend lots of time getting ready - makeup, hair, the works. I have just lost about 15 pounds total now, so I have found a whole new wardrobe lurking in the recesses of my basement. I have fun going out now - it's not torture anymore. So to sum up - I have fun going out. I get ready, and I am totally in love with myself. I dance, joke, smile - I live. I live.

Then I look in a mirror. And somehow, always - always! - the image I saw in my head does not match up with what I see.
How I feel vs. what I see

And it's all because I spent too much time reading beauty magazines as a child. Well, not only because - but you get it. The world does not think I am as beautiful as I think I am.

And to that I say - screw you world. I am beautiful. I am gorgeous. My husband adores me, my family loves me - and I need to learn how to do the same. Not because I want to stay overweight and unhealthy - but because I am tired of people I don't know telling me what to think about myself. I'm over it.
airbrushed - nobody looks like that!

So, I am seriously considering not using mirrors for a while. I need to reset how my brain works about myself. I am very curious to see what it does for me.I have a feeling I will learn to love myself - like I always should have.


Results Not Typical Girl said...

I'm such an asstard that I don't think I could manage to brush my teeth without a mirror. I'm special like that...

Congrats on the loss. You rock.

karen said...

Love the bloggy makeover. C'est tres chic :)
We used to have a full length mirror at the top of our stairs right outside the bathroom. I'd have no choice but to see/dissect myself every time I went by it. Thankfully it got moved into our spare/guest/junk room once John got old enough to start messing with it & it's been there for about 4 years now. Once every couple of months I might take a glance at it to check on an outfit but it's been realllll nice not having it always right there!

Anonymous said...

Hi, new follower. I really enjoyed this post! Mirrors are a tricky one. I saw myself in a full length mirror every day when getting ready for work then one day saw a photo of myself and almost cried. Apparently I had no idea what I looked like or how big I was? The mind is a crazy thing. Literally in my case. ;)

~Shannon~ said...

OMG..I can totally relate to your post 100%. Some day's I feel totally "hot" and think I weigh 140 and then I look in the mirror and realize I still weigh 240 and then I get depressed again, the post above is correct, the minid IS a crazy thing!