My Fun Summer. Kinda.

I am here. I am still breathing. And yes, I am still blogging.

I spent about 2 weeks in bed - quite literally - with bronchitis. Not fun. Vicks, vaporizers, cough drops...I think my tongue is permanently red from cough drops. If I never see another cherry anything, I will be a Happy Flabby. Ugh.

So now, although I am still coughing, it's time to get back up on the horse. 2 weeks with no gym can make you ...well - flabby. I dread the thought of getting back up on that elliptical, and the treadmill. Funnily enough though, I can feel my body slowly reverting back to what it was before I started exercising. I get more headaches, and I'm lazier and I don't sleep right. I've been going to bed at 5am and waking up at 12 or 2pm. I feel sucky. Really sucky. Plus I've been eating whatever I want, when I want. It started as - "oh, my throat hurts - ice cream it is!" and now it's like "Gimme the chocolate now, dummy!" I have woken the sleeping hunger beast. I thought I had whooped it but I guess I just lulled it to sleep for a while. In all honesty- it'll be there forever I think.

I learned something new today.

I like to sweat. If I do something, household chores, running, playing, whatever, and I sweat while doing it - I feel good! If I don't I feel like I didn't accomplish much. New gym mentality perhaps? I like it.

Life has been crazy this summer. We were a little financially strapped to begin with, and then we found out a few weeks ago that we were in the 'extended unemplyment' bracket - so our unemployment was totally cut off. The sole income on the house has been  my weekly child support payments from the Nasty Ex. A whopping $15 a week has kept us in toilet paper and shampoo. Yay. But things are looking up, we got food stamps (so we wouldn't starve) and my hubby got a job! It actually starts today! It's a temp job - but that's all we need, our income goes back up as soon as he's in college again. GI Bill and all that. I'm done being sick and I plan on enjoying a fun summer with my son.

Cuz we gots us a slip and slide.


karen said...

OOOOH! I want to Slip N Slide, too! Can we come over? Huh huh huh? Can we?

Congrats to the Hubs on the job and to YOU on the sweaty love! I've been trying to convince John for a couple of hours now that we should go ride our basement bikes...

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I hate not having money and stressing over that... in that same boat. But woo hoo on the slip and slide! Glad you are on the mend too. Being sick is yucky... I need to learn to like to sweat too! Good for you!


fatty blogsticks said...

you like to sweat? that's great - embrace it! it will help you fly down your slip'n'slide faster!

i'm glad to hear things are looking up on the income front. here's to more and more $ coming your way.

Aylilth said...

You are right about the sweat thing, if i don't work up a good sweat at the gym something is wrong, I always see how wet I can make my T-shirt...odd one eah.

And the slip and slide many fun summers on those things enjoy!!

Crystal Roberts said...

ohhh, a slip in slide looks fun, glad your honey got a job!!

Emilia said...

Concentrate on getting better! Kidney stones do not sounds like a lot of fun :(

When you recover you can enjoy the slip and slide to your heart's content, it sounds like a great way to pass the summer!

Aylilth said...

pssst gave u an award

The Exquisite Christine said...

Get well soon!